Dear Customers,
Over the past 9 months has taken the South African hunting and shooting market by storm. Unfortunately, today the website must come down. was set up as a venture between an American export firm and an individual South African. Tens of thousands of US Dollars in invoices have not been paid to the American firm by the South African and as of today we were informed that these invoices would not be paid at all.

The reason we are posting this letter is not to slander any individual, it is simply to inform the South African public that if you have purchased anything from the company Shooters Africa and have not received your order, you will not get it, and should immediately contact the National Consumer Commission at the below link.

Also, if you have any warranty issues with products you have purchased from Shooters Africa you will need to contact the agency below as all warranties on purchased products will now become voided.

We would like to thank all of the customers that believed in this company and placed an order on the site. We do not believe South Africa is full of fraudsters and thieves and believe this individual is not a representative of the great people of South Africa.